Colour Blast – Colour Paste – Just Blue


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Colour Blast – Colour Paste – Just Blue

This product is a bright and shimmery paste.

Directions: For use on paper, cardstock, plastic, metal, wood, chipboard and other surfaces.  Use a palette knife or similar tool to spread the paste onto your surface.  You can allow this to dry naturally or you can use a heat tool to dry this product. If product leave a sticky residue, use a spray sealer to seal project or a wax based medium to rub over the paste to seal.

It is acid free, non-toxic and non flammable.

Warning: Not for use under 12 years of age without adult supervision.  Do not eat.  Avoid contact with eyes.  If you get this in your eyes, wash your eyes out and seek immediate medical attention.
PLEASE NOTE: When opening this product – only partly remove the foil seal inside the container – leave the other part in-tact.  Ensure the edges of the container are CLEAN before closing the lid, otherwise AIR will get into the container and dry out the product 


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